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Adoption Procedure

We will interview to discover what you want from owning a cat, your lifestyle and home circumstances so that we can match one of our cats to suit your lifestyle.

We will visit you in your home, again to check suitability for a particular cat that you are interested in - you may be turned down for one particular cat that you are interested in but offered one that is better suited to your lifestyle and needs.

We may also take up references from a veterinary surgeon.

All family members must meet the cat and demonstrate commitment to owning a rescue cat.

All owners are asked to sign an adoption contract which a copy of can be requested prior to adoption.

We will ask for a minimum donation which will be available upon request to Admin. Money from the donations goes on vet bills, administration, fuel or phone bills. Some cats may come into the rescue not requiring any treatment, but the donation is not for any particular animal, it goes towards some who do require very costly & extensive treatment either before they are well enough to be rehomed or to provide them with the permanent medication they require whilst in long term foster care.

Please do not apply for the cat unless you have the funds to pay the donation fee. We do not have the facility to hold cats in our care until the prospective owners have the funds or time to adopt the cats.

Only apply for the cat if you intend to travel to the fosters carers location. We do not deliver cats or allow a third party to collect the adopter/s must travel to view the cats.

Please read the full cat adoption policy.

Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Breed Rescue cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any cat once it has been re-homed. All our cats are given thorough health and temperament assessments. However once a cat has settled into a new home his or her behaviour can sometimes change. We can only advise on the temperament of any cat while it is in our care, or in rare occasions based on the information provided by previous owners.

Please consider carefully the responsibility of adopting a lost and abandoned cat - the whole family must be 100% committed to wanting a rescue cat. The rewards are tremendous - rescue cats understand they have been saved so make loyal and faithful pets. However you need to remember that they are needy and often disturbed by their past treatment. Please consider whether you have the time, patience and love to give such a cat. Many have been to hell and back and they feel deep sadness when people adopt them then return them within a short time without giving enough time to settle into their new life.

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