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Very occasionally we are asked to help a cat in distress. We are a dog rescue but from time to time we are able to help rehome these cats.

Our aim is to ensure that all unwanted cats which come into our care should be found loving new homes, where a lifestyle, appropriate to their breed and temperament, can be reasonably assured.
We aim to FIV test the cats in our care (cannot be done on kittens under 6 months of age as the test is inconclusive), spey/neuter and vaccinate at the appropriate times.

Prospective owners must be aged 18 or over

We will not re-home to where a cat is kept outside the home

All cats will be speyed/neutered before leaving the rescue. If on occasion this hasn’t been possible due to age and development then the new owner MUST have the cat spayed/neutered (at the new owner's expense) before the cat reaches 6 months of age and must never be allowed outside or with an entire cat before spey/neuter. A copy of the spay/neuter agreement must be completed by the veterinary surgeon and returned to the Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Breed Rescue. A follow up by the Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Breed Rescue will ensure this happens and if the cat is not spayed/neutered within this time, the Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Breed Rescue will retrieve the cat back into our care.

The new owner is responsible for all veterinary treatment and third party liability from the moment the cat leaves the Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Breed Rescue and the signing of the Adoption Contract & the fee has been received by the carer on behalf of the rescue.

We expect all new owners to give the cat a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to a new life, however if an incompatibility arises the cat MUST be returned to the Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Breed Rescue at the new owner’s expense.
If you are considering adopting a cat then please see our adopting procedure

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