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Lots of chinchillas looking for forever homes


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Lots of chinchillas looking for forever homes

Post by susiechin on Fri May 28, 2010 10:00 am

I run a home based chinchilla rescue and always have lots of chins looking for forever homes . Chins are an exotic animal but in all honesty once you get the basics right they are wonderful inquisitive pets to own Love3 they can live up to 20yrs so are a long term commitment and are not suitable pets for children as they tend not to be cuddly animals

Will add some pics asap ( sorry camera is on the blink) . We do carry out home checks and ask an adoption donation of £35 per chin, do not rehome for breeding purposes and there is an adoption agreement to sign . We are always there to offer advise and always take the chins back into the rescue should adoptees be unable to care for them in the future for whatever reason

A short basic guide to their needs ;

A cool draft free environment
Avoid high temperatures as chins can and do die of heat exhaustion. Ideal conditions are 60°F to 70°F with a humidity level of 40% to 60%.

Avoid damp - it makes the fur clump and can even cause fur fungus/ ringworm ( an air con/ dehumidifier can sometimes be needed)

Large wooden or 16 gauge wire cage (not plastic as it gets eaten) with untreated pine shelves

Plenty of toys to keep them occupied - wooden, untreated.

A quality pellet food of approx 2 tablespoons per chin daily

Remember chins NEED a good quality hay daily for roughage

Fresh clean water daily

Regular Sandbaths

Chinchillas are an indoor pet and should never be kept outside unless in an insulated shed due to the u.k weather .

Items we feel essential before bringing your chin home ;

* Decent sized cage with wire floor and pull out tray ; take care to research cages well as so many pet shops sell ones they say are suitable for chins but ones with plastic shelves are definitely not .Cage should have several wooden shelves
* Sand and sand bath
* Next box ( although some chins wont use them , we do feel it is preferable to give them a place to sleep in peace )
* Pellets and good quality hay
* A gnaw block
* Several toys, hanging and floor based

*Several other things for environmental enrichment are;
*Hanging a chube from the side of the cage , secure it with net curtain wire ( just ensure you remove the white plastic coating)
*Lots of chins enjoy a hammock
•Chins love pine cones ( ensure they are thoroughly washed and dried)
•Willow and apple branches are a firm favourite ( again need thoroughly washing and drying in a low oven)as are dried apple leaves , blackberry leaves, nettle, dandelion leaves ( small amounts of course)
•Untreated willow balls

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Re: Lots of chinchillas looking for forever homes

Post by KarenP on Fri May 28, 2010 11:22 am

Oh wow, I ever knew they could live so long.

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Re: Lots of chinchillas looking for forever homes

Post by cowboyz on Fri May 28, 2010 1:09 pm

Very Happy Must make one of those for my OH lol! much better than the greenhouse or garden shed Not sure if the diet would be his cuppa tea but sounds great. You certainly have your hands full with chins and dogs - surgery not yet arranged for mine ( double ) but I definitely know who to call

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Re: Lots of chinchillas looking for forever homes

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